Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 3, 2015


1.     Audience members shall remain seated for the entire performance of a school.
2.     Limited to no restroom breaks will be allowed during the concert.
3.     Students will sit every other row with instrument cases to be placed in the row in front of them.
4.     Large instruments and percussion will be stored at the front of the stage.
5.     Use of cell phones and other electronics are PROHIBITED during the concert.  If this expectation is not met, Mrs. Reynolds will keep your electronic device for you and hand it into the front office at NW when we return.
6.     You will have a writing assignment to be completed while you’re listening to other schools.  You may NOT talk during performances.  However, feel free to write comments down in the assignment.

7.     To show your appreciation for other school performances, you should clap enthusiastically at the end of their songs.  However, yelling, whistling, and hollering is not appropriate for a concert setting and will not be tolerated. 

Do your best and be nice to people!  (Say please and thank you to everyone today!)

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