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"1st Day Jitters" Episode 1, School Matters

Mr. Smith and Ms. Young's Classroom created their own sitcom!!!

"1st Day Jitters", Episode 1

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NW Fall Orchestra Concert 11-9-15

6th Grade Orchestra:
  (sorry...technical difficulties.  Didn't record the 6th grade properly)

7th Grade Orchestra:

8th Grade Orchestra:

Friday, October 30, 2015

Special Video/Activity 10-30-15 (Happy Halloween!!!)

In class activity:  (You'll need a mobile device for this.  If you don't have one, find a partner to sit with who does!)

Go to this site.

(type in "")

(if prompted, you can install the web app on your phone.  tap download then "add to home screen".
Follow the directions.)

Then wait for Mrs. Reynolds to start the game and we will enter the "Game PIN"

Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens:

According to legend, "Death" appears at midnight every year on Halloween. Death calls forth the dead from their graves to dance for him while he plays his fiddle (here represented by a solo violin). His skeletons dance for him until the rooster crows at dawn, when they must return to their graves until the next year. The piece opens with a harp playing a single note, D, twelve times (the twelve strokes of midnight) which is accompanied by soft chords from the string section.
The first and second themes, or fragments of them, are then heard throughout the various sections of the orchestra. 
The piece makes particular use of the xylophone to imitate the sounds of rattling bones.

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Saxophone Field Trip 10/21/15

The Northwest saxophones were invited to attend a saxophone clinic at FL Schlagle High School given by the University of Kansas saxophone professor, Vince Gnojek.

We had a great time and learned all kinds of saxophone-goodness!  Thank you Mr. May and the Schlagle Band for allowing us to join.  :)

Friday, October 16, 2015

Marching Festival! and special video 10-16-15

Are you coming to the marching band "Battle of the Bands" festival?
     What:  KCK Marching Band Festival   When:  Saturday, Oct. 17, 3:00pm
   Where:  Washington High School Stadium
   Cost:  $8 per person (staff members, free with employee badge)
By the way, I'm told if the stadium is completely full, security will CLOSE THE GATE.  No one else is allowed in (even if you purchased a ticket in advance).  This will happen because its a VERY popular event.  Be early early EARLY!!

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Special Video 10-2-15

(I heard this song live at the concert last night.  Stanky!)

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Black violin!!!!!

Question and Answer session - 
I asked this question:

Their answer:

And one of their jams.  :)

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6th grade band start-up booklet

Instrument Decisions

Student complete:                                 Name:_______________________________________
I am most interested in these three instruments:


2. _____________________________________________________

3. _____________________________________________________

I plan to:  (Circle one)

Use a school-owned instrument

My parents own this instrument:  ____________________________                                                   
My parents will rent one from a music store

I will use one from another source not listed here

Teacher use only:  rate mouthpiece testing on a 1 – 5 scale with
5 = excellent sound and 1= not a good fit.

Trumpet:              5               4               3               2               1

Trombone/          5               4               3               2               1

Clarinet:                5               4               3               2               1

Saxophone:          5               4               3               2               1

Flute:                       5               4               3               2               1
Teacher Recommendation or comments:

Instrument User Agreement turned in: _________     Paid:  $____.______

Northwest Middle School

Beginning Band
Start-up Booklet
6th Grade

Frequently Asked Questions

What instrument am I going to play?
            This depends on three variables: 
1.     After doing the mouthpiece testing in class, which instrument is the best fit for you?
2.     What instruments are available and what composes an ideal instrumentation in a band? 
3.     Which instrument are you the most interested in and how do your personality characteristics affect your instrument choice?

(If you already own an instrument, for convenience sake, that instrument will likely be the best option for you.)

Does playing in school band cost money?
Yes, there is a financial commitment.    We are fortunate to be in a district where they have a significant amount of instruments for us to use.  There is a $40 yearly instrument user fee to use those.  This fee includes some start up instrument supplies, as well.  However, some instruments have some supply needs that are ongoing, and will cost a few dollars throughout the year as needed.  (example:  reeds.)
Because of the large amount of students wishing to participate in band, we don’t always have enough instruments for everyone and some will need to share.  However, everyone will have their own mouthpiece and supplies.  Because of this, some families opt to rent from an area music store for a monthly rate, purchase their own instrument, or borrow an instrument from a family member or friend.  This is a great option, however if your instrument source is not from the school, I strongly encourage you to ask Mrs. Reynolds about the quality of that investment.
Available Instrumentation

These are the available instruments in the NWMS 6th grade beginning band.

Flute –                                                         
Clarinet –                                                   
Alto Saxophone –                                                
Tenor Saxophone –                                 
Trumpet –                                                  
Trombone –                                               
Baritone –                                                  

Notes/Questions for Mrs. Reynolds:

Due to popularity of the instrument, we limit the number of saxophone players to balance the overall instrumentation of the band.  This instrument is easy to begin to learn but becomes increasingly more challenging as the student progresses. 

Students who need a quick start at something will likely succeed on this instrument.  Someone who is very detailed and enjoys complex tasks will enjoy this instrument. Students who want to play jazz in their future will like this instrument.

While some success on this instrument comes quickly, to progress on this instrument the student must give a great deal of attention to details and practice regularly.
This is the largest section in the brass family and we will need to start numerous students on this instrument to maintain proper balance.  A consistent commitment to practicing will greatly improve a student’s chance of success on this instrument.

This is an instrument that requires regular practice.   A great deal of demand is placed on the muscles around the lips that help make the sound.  A good work ethic is a necessity.  Students will need to be able to demonstrate an ability to create a buzz that is both high and low at the mouthpiece testing.  Some patience is required as higher notes can be a struggle for many beginners.

Students who will be getting braces in the first year will have a difficult time.  Once the student has progressed some, having braces is less of an issue.  Progress can be slow with this instrument, so a great deal of patience is required.  Certain mouth and lip shapes can present obstacles to the student.

French Horn Potential for future scholarships is great on this instrument.  It’s strongly encouraged that a student takes private lessons for this instrument.  It is the hardest of the brass instruments to start on.

Students who have a good ear will be more successful on this instrument.  Singing experience is a plus.  Students will need to be able to demonstrate the ability to match pitch in the mouthpiece testing.  Students who are bright, hard workers, patient, and who love a challenge.

Students unable to match pitches will struggle on this instrument.  Students who want instant success or do not enjoy a challenge will also struggle.
This is an instrument in high demand for band.  The high school bands need more trombone players and we will be encouraging as many players as is reasonable to play this instrument.  This is the easiest instrument in the brass family to begin to learn, but can be quite challenging as you progress.

This instrument requires a good ear because there are no keys, just a slide.  Students will need to make a sound on the mouthpiece and match pitch.  Students with some previous singing experience are more likely to succeed.  Students who are patient and willing to work hard are also more likely to succeed.  A different instrument, the baritone, has many similarities to the trombone.  Instead of a slide, it has valves. 

This is a larger brass instrument, so students with small statures will struggle with certain aspects of the instrument until they grow.  Students with difficulty hearing different pitches will also struggle.  Progress can also be slow, so patience is required.

This is an instrument in high demand for the band.  Potential for future scholarships is almost limitless on this instrument to a good player. 

This instrument is the most important sound to the band. So we need students who are reliable, dedicated, and can push lots of air into the instrument.

This is the largest of the brass family.  Students may struggle until they grow because it requires a great deal of air.
Percussion **Students are not eligible for percussion during the first half of beginning band.** They will be required to play a brass or woodwind instrument first, and if they achieve the required level of success, they will have the opportunity to audition for percussion after winter break.  We limit the number of percussionists to insure proper instrumentation.

This requires an extremely organized and dedicated student.  It is extremely helpful to have piano experience.  Percussion students will learn many rhythm instruments, starting with snare drum and bells.  Students must also demonstrate good rhythm and tempo.

Students must be able to manage time and practice twice as much as all other band members.  Students who want to only play drums will not enjoy being in the percussion section.

Picking the Right Instrument!
Instrument information
Who will likely succeed on this instrument?
Who might struggle with this instrument?
Due to popularity of the instrument, we limit the number of flute players to balance the overall instrumentation of the band program.  Students will need to show clear potential to be selected.  This is a challenging instrument to begin to learn and requires a great deal of patience and an extremely dedicated student.

Students who can persevere, who are patient, have a good work ethic, and who can quickly make a sound on the mouthpiece testing will likely succeed on this instrument.  Students who enjoy a challenge will love this instrument.

Students looking for instant success, who want to do the minimum amount of work, and who are unable to initially make sound or handle complicated fingering patterns will likely struggle on this instrument.  Certain lip shapes have a hard time on the flute.
The clarinet section is the largest section in most bands.  To maintain this balance, we will need to start numerous clarinet players.  This is an easy instrument to start on but very difficult to master.  There will be an on-going expense of reeds that can be minimized if  taken proper care of.

This is an instrument with lots of keys.  Someone who is very detailed and enjoys complex tasks will enjoy this instrument.  Students who love a challenge will love this instrument.

Students with small hands will struggle with certain aspects of playing this instrument until they grow.  This instrument requires a certain amount of patience as the year progresses because it starts out easy but gets increasingly difficult.