Sunday, November 30, 2014

December 1, 2014

Welcome back, Tiger Jazz!
I hope you had a wonderful week full of love and thanks.
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Do your best and be nice to people today!
Musically yours,
~Mrs. Reynolds

Thursday, November 20, 2014

November 21, 2014

Good morning, Tiger Jazz,
 We have been discussing in class the "ethos" or behavior of a student.
  --Tier 1 - Students who strive to do the right thing.  All the time.  Everyday.
  --Tier 2 - Students who occasionally have a bad day.
  --Tier 3 - Students who are the problem.  All the time.  Everyday.
Some words of wisdom that will apply to students of all three Tiers.  We are all human.  We all make mistakes.
Do your best and be nice to people today!  
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Musically yours,
-Mrs. Reynolds

Friday Special Video 11/21/14

Vivaldi's "Winter" and Frozen's "Let It Go" mashup!  #lovethepianoguys

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 19, 2014

Good morning, Tiger Jazz.

Wise words...
Do your best and be nice to people today!
Musically yours, 
-Mrs. Reynolds

Saturday, November 15, 2014

November 17, 2014

Good Morning, Tiger Jazz!
I was so proud of the Tiger Jazz performance in the concert last week!   Congratulations to the soloists.  You were wonderful!  #nomistakesinjazz
Also, special shout out to Andrel, who graciously and courageously performed the drumset without a mat under it.  (shame on forgetful Mrs. Reynolds...)  Lesser human beings would've quit and refused to keep going.  The drumset pedal will not work correctly if it is sliding on a hard floor...
Happy monday.  #doyourbestandbenicetopeople

Musically yours,
-Mrs. Reynolds

Fall Band Concert 11-13-14

6th grade band:

7th grade band:

8th grade band:

Tiger Jazz band:

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November 13, 2014

Good Morning, Tiger Jazz

Mr. Williams is bringing some students from the Wyandotte High School Bulldog band to see us perform!  I invited them to join us for "Blues on the Move".  I sent them the music earlier this week.  I don't know if they are accepting the performance part of the invitation but we will be glad to see them, regardless!

What:  Grades 6 – 8 Band and Jazz Band
When:  Thursday, November 13th at 6:00pm
Where:  Northwest Middle School Auditorium
What to wear:  Black and White.  (Nice black pants or skirt and nice white shirt. School dress code applies.)
Please plan to be at school at 5:40pm.  We will meet in the auditorium.  (Students will not be allowed to stay at school between 3:00 and 5:40pm.  The music room and auditorium will be closed.  Please make proper arrangements.)  The concert should be finished by 7:00pm.  Please plan to have rides arranged for this time!
Your attendance is required. 
Excused absences (a conflict that has been pre-approved by Mrs. Reynolds) will be allowed to make up 100% of the grade assignment.
Un-excused absences (absences that were not approved by Mrs. Reynolds prior to the concert event) will only be allowed to make up 70% of the grade assignment.
Mrs. Reynolds’ Phone:  (913)627-4061

Mrs. Reynolds’ Email:

Orchestra Concert from 11/10/13 Videos

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 12, 2014

Good morning, Tiger Jazz!

Congratulations to those who made the honor roll!

Tiger Honor Roll:

Northwest Honor Roll:

Golden Superior Honor Roll:

Ms. Vaverka says they are honoring you during lunch on Monday. :)

and be nice to people today!!

-Mrs. Reynolds

November 11, 2014

Good morning, Tiger Jazz.

Today is Veteran's Day.  Did you know that you could make a career of playing in a band with the military?  I have several friends who do this (One is in the "President's Own" band!) and they make a really good living.  Big Salary!  Think about it...
  Do your best and be nice to people today!
Musically yours,
-Mrs. Reynolds

Saturday, November 8, 2014

November 10, 2014

Good morning, Tiger Jazz!

Are you a leader or a follower?
Do your best and be nice to people today!

Also - Shout out to Aliya with the Battle of the Books team that placed second out of nine district middle schools in competition on Saturday.  Readers are leaders!!

Musically Yours,
-Mrs. Reynolds

Pictures from Wyandotte High School hosting 8th grade band day

Northwest Alumni!
Northwest Alumni!

Northwest Alumni!
Northwest Alumni!
Northwest Alumni!

Mr. Williams.  The director of the best high school band in the midwest.  Wyandotte Bulldogs!!

Love this picture.  The bulldogs were so welcoming and helpful to us young ones.

Such a great night!