Thursday, March 12, 2015

March 23, 2015

Good morning, Tiger Jazz.  I hope everyone had a fantastic spring break!

I would like to recognize the following individuals from our FA who made the honor roll!
Golden Superior:  Jared
Northwest:  Tywan, JaDen
Principal's:  Aliya
Tiger:  Jayvion, Chris, Faith

Also, 5th grade visits are on Wed, March 25, Thursday March 26, and Monday March 30.  Jazz band will perform. Only students who showed up for our three pep band games will do Wed and Thurs in my absence.  You will have a pass that dictates what time to go to the auditorium and what time you will be going back to class.  We will talk on Tuesday about further details. 

We will all do next Monday while I am present.

Do your best and be nice to people!

Musically Yours,
-Mrs. Reynolds

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